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Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

There are 3 steps we follow for IVF-ICSI or any fertility management. They are viz, 1) Evaluation and Investigation: Treatment that differs from patient-to-patient clinical conditions.

This is to understand your degrees of infertility and to study the causes of it. There'd be blood tests and USG scans on your initial visit. The former for understanding the hormone parameters that affects fertility and the latter to study your follicles count/ovarian reserves. Based on the results, our consultant will come up with a customized treatment protocol addressing your infertility reasons and this differs from patient-to-patient.

2) Preparing the Couple for treatment.

The consultant will rule out the next course of action needed in your case and will explain to you the procedures that are best fit for you like IUI or IVF-ICSI and why. The instructions to be followed when you come for the treatment will be counseled by the Doctor himself. A tailor made lifestyle change will be advised to patients. For eg: abstaining themselves from smoking, alcohol and should follow a diet that facilitate pregnancy.

3) Fertility Corrections and Treatment stage.

The consultant has given your options and the couple has opted for a procedure that fits them best after counseling. The patient approaches for IVF-ICSI on Day 2 or Day 3 of their menstrual cycle, injections and medications are started on this day. For couples who are 35 years of age or below and has an AMH value of 1.8 or above has a successful pregnancy rate of 75-85% at our Centre.

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