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Posted on: 06 December 2020

"Having married for 11 years, the need for a baby was really getting to us. For the last 10 years, we've been undergoing treatments from various fertility centres across Kerala with no hope factor. Even though we did IVF 3 times, the confidence of having a baby was attained only from CRAFT. Here the treatment is a culmination of science and latest tech with the helping hands of well experienced Doctors. Given our medical history, we were expecting only a success rate of 10%. But Dr. Noushin and her conviction restored our long lost hope that in turn improved our faith in her treatment. She addressed and corrected our fertility issues stage wise. Her guidance and love is something you could really use in this hard-time. Now I'm 4 months pregnant. And for that we'd always include Dr. Nouhsin and CRAFT Hospital in our prayers."

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