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1Are you suffering from Primary Infertility?

The situation where you're unable to achieve pregnancy due to ovulation problems, PCOS, tubal block etc. We've treatments for all these problems at our Centre. From to IVF-ICSI through corrective Surgeries in the reproductive system, the couples who are 35 years of age or below and has an AMH value of 1.8 or above has a successful pregnancy rate of 75-85% at our

2Do you have Endometriosis/Chocolate Cyst?

Endometriosis as such is a very nasty disease that deplete your eggs in time period and ultimately destroys your fertility potential in multiple ways. The only way to ameliorate  this disease is by getting conceived. To achieve this goal, we've to make sure that this disease is diagnosed at the earliest.

Laparoscopic surgery is a good option but should be done in a best center, and should be limited to only one surgery in the life-time. As we know after a medical surgery, if the women doesn't get conceived in 5-6 month's the disease will recur. Hence there is a high tendency among doctors to do repeated laparoscopic surgeries which should never be done as per the World Endometriosis Association is concerned, and it is to restrict to one laparo in lifetime of a women associated with Endometriosis.

To avoid the depletion of eggs and to enhance the pregnancy, we've introduced 3-step protocol since 1998 onwards. It has given wonderful results. Also endo affects infertility in many ways. So we've to tackle all these facts to get the ultimate goal.

We employ non-surgical methods to get rid of this nasty disease that deplete your eggs over time which ultimately destroys your fertility potential. We apply a 3-step protocol followed by IVF-ICSI to address this disease and to completely eradicate it without leading to surgery.


3Do recurrent abortions/recurrent IVF failures worry you?

For repeated abortions or repeated IVF failures, upto 60% the causes are related to poor quality eggs or poor quality sperms. 20% is related to uterine factors like fibroids, adinomyosis, endometrial diseases etc. Another 20% will be related to maternal factors such as thyroid disorders, obesity, blood disorders etc. If we can identify the route cause of the failure, and correct it then we can achieve pregnancy in more than 90% of the cases. But in contrast, many occasions these patients are subjected to either donor egg IVF or surrogacy rather than trying to correct the root cause. As highly competent and specialised doctors, our  commitment to the patients is to give their own child rather than bypassing the normal natural ways rather than varryiny somebody else's child. In our experience, we've more than 200+ couples who failed even with multiple donor IVF programs but had their own babies from CRAFT. In this group one couple from Surat who failed for donor IVF got their own child from their own sperm and egg. You can find their testimonial video on our YouTube channel. We use techniques such as Husband's Leucocytes Transfer to boost the immunity during pregnancy. For superior success rates, uterine rejuvenation techniques are used. Ashraf Stitch is used for multiple preterm deliveries for cervical circlage. Similarly, we've a novel treatment called PGT-where we test the genetic quality of the embryos and transfer the best ones. We're the first one in India to introduce the Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis.

Treating Recurrent Abortions - HLT (Husband’s Leukocyte Transfer)
HLT is the best treatment option in the cases of repeated abortions or repeated IVF failures, where you suspect a rejection phenomenon. HLT is a treatment that uses the technology of separating the lymphocyte, a special white blood cell (the memory cell in the blood) from the husband's blood and then it is concentrated and injected into wife's lymphatic, by a simple method. CRAFT practices this method with high success rates in pregnancies.

Cervical Circlage - Ashraf Stitch
When the conventional methods give minimal percent success rates especially in real cases of cervical incompetence, the new method devised by Prof. Dr. C. Mohamed Ashraf termed 'Ashraf Stitch' guarantees a much higher rate of success.

Segmentation Therapy
The practice of frozen embryo transfer in place of fresh transfer is now widely practiced in major centers abroad for securing higher success rate. In India, CRAFT is one of the early adapter of this technology & treatment procedure  in India.

Immunotherapy and Endometrial Receptor Gene Assay (ERGA)
These are some of the highly sophisticated tools and remedies that CRAFT has been practicing for years to improve the pregnancy rate in multiple IVF failures attempts ranging between 3-14.


4Do you suffer from Zero Sperm Count?

The only centre in in India that manage the highest level of male-factor infertility through the most-advanced M-TESE surgery. A microsurgical process by which we open the testicles using 20-25 magnification operating microscope and try to pick a few sperms from the tubules, which is otherwise not possible.

A fully established Andrology wing that has treatments for complaints such as Azoospermia, Testicular Varicocele etc. We aspirate sperms directly from the testes using techniques such as TESA or Micro-TESE.

5Are poor quality eggs your fertility problem?

We've Ovarian Rejuvenation Therapy that may facilitate the growth of very tiny Pre-Antral Follicles, then ovulogens act on them resulting ovulation. We do BAPC/Stem Cells treatment coupled with Herbal Medicine would also facilitate the growth of your follicles. With this technology, we had 3 deliveries with AMH 0.03 and 1 delivery with AMH  0.01 Delivery using this technology.


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