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Clinical Psychology

A person suffering from the woe of infertility or childlessness can go through a series of complex issues spanning biological, physical, social, and even ethical domains. Clinical psychology, therefore comes into the picture as an extremely vital sphere in keeping the emotional balance of the individual(s) involved intact.


As a formal definition, counselling can be described as “an interpersonal process, within the confines of a theoretical framework, the single most important purpose of which being to bring about a change in a skilled and systematic manner.”

Counselling in infertility hence aims at exploring, understanding and resolving issues arising as a result of infertility and also its treatment. It seeks to refine different ways of dealing with this issue more effectively.

Counselling at CRAFT

Craft houses highly experienced clinical psychologists who provide relentless emotional assistance, and behavioural modification therapies and techniques to our patients to alleviate them of their depression and stress related issues arising from infertility. Hence, we offer:

Family Counselling

Aims at offering emotional support to couples who experience distress and frustration in the wake of

  • Desire for a child,
  • Social, and family pressures
  • Concerns over the reproductive technology employed
  • Anxiety over waiting for the results to arrive
  • Unfortunate developments like failed pregnancies, abortions etc.

Premarital Counselling

  • Understand the mental dilemma of the concerned person.
  • Channelized support to help the prospective couples rise out of their anxieties.

Individual Counselling

  • To alleviate people’s anxiety, depression, and other stress related issues.

Personality modification procedures.

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