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India has become the most preferred destination in the world for medical tourism. The government of India has introduced medical visa for foreign nationals across the world seeking specialty medical treatment in India for extended periods. A visa-on-arrival system for tourists from few selected countries has been instituted by government of India, which allows foreign nationals to stay in India for 60 days for medical procedures.

Maximum of two attendants who are blood relatives are permissible to accompany the patient under separate Medical Attendant visas. The validity of Medical Attendant Visa will be same as the patient Medical visa. The preliminary duration of Medical visa is up to a year or duration of the treatment, whichever is less. The visa allows maximum of 3 entries during 1 year.


The medical visa is based on certain conditions that are outlined above, but it is required to ensure that people who are immigrating to India are genuinely doing so for the purpose of receiving treatment. Indian immigration authorities require the following criteria to be satisfied due to the above mentioned reasons –

  • It should be clear that the initial medical guidance has already been made by the applicant in their own country and they are then recommended to pursue specialist treatment.
  • It should be demonstrated by the applicant is seeking medical attention only in a recognized institution which specializes in the treatment of the condition.
  • High priority is given to 'M' visa applications in India that are associated with several medical conditions. Some serious ailments are given primary consideration such as neurosurgery, heart problems, ophthalmic disorders and organ transplants.


Attendants or members of the family of patients traveling to India will be provided with miscellaneous visas equivalent to the 'M' Visa of patient. These visas are given to the partner / children / in patients' blood relations. Please take note that only up to 2 attendants are out into consideration for miscellaneous visas in one go. These visas are known as MX visas. Such attendants also have to get register themselves with the local FRROs / FROs within fourteen days of entering India.


1. Passport Requirements

  • Original passport and one photocopy of the front and back page
  • The passport should have a validity of 6 months beyond the stay in India and at least two blank pages to stamp visa.

2. VISA Application Form

One signed India visa application form and one copy. The application form should be signed and it should mach with the sign in the passport. The Indian visa application form must be printed on two pages, and signed on both pages. The applicant must sign under the photo on the first page, and at the bottom of the second page. Got to Indian Government visa website and select “Regular Visa Application” and fill the form. Take a print out of the completed form and please do not make payment at this stage. Please do remember to read the India Visa Application Guide.

3. Photo Requirements

  • Recent passport size photograph of 2x2 in color with a plain/white background.

4. Proof of Address

5. Applicants under the age of 18

Copy of both parents signed passports.


A minor child should sign their name inside the signature box under the photo on first page of the application. If the child is too young to sign their name, the child's thumbprint must be stamped inside the signature box under the photo on first page of the application. On the second page of the application, the minor child should not sign the application. On the second page of the application, both of the child's parents must sign the application, and both parents' signatures should be notarized. Applications without both parents' notarized signatures will not be accepted.


  • A temporary immigration service is provided by the 'M' or Indian medical visas and they did not make a way for settlement in India.
  • The medical Indian visas only provide entry for a particular purpose of obtaining medical attention.
  • A medical visa in India is granted for up to 1 year unlike Indian visit visa that is granted for maximum 6 months. The time required to perform the concerned medical treatment determines the duration of a medical visa.
  • The government of India permits a period only up to 12 months but it can further be extended to 12 months if required. This extension is based only on the recommendation from an appropriate treatment center or by providing a medical certificate.

To Provide Medical Visa to India

In order to get visa invitation letter from hospital please send following details on this Email:

  • Medical Reports (Current and Relevant Reports). • Passport Scans of the Patient and the Attendant.


Consultation in one of our overseas centers or online consultation with Craft Hospital and Research Centre.

  • Informing us that you are coming
  • Craftivf will issue medical visa letter
  • Apply for Medical visa
  • Inform us the visa status
  • Inform us the arrival date and time with flight details
  • Our driver will be waiting for you at the airport Arrival gate

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