Chairmans Message

Prof. Dr. C. Mohamed Ashraf

Prof. Dr. C. Mohamed Ashraf

Chairman & Medical Director
MD, DGO, DPS (Germany)
No couples is childless by choice CRAFT aims to build hope and life by offering the best in the world to their clients.

Infertility Management has become one of the most common medical concern in today's changing world. From problems ranging from Acute Medical issues that need customized treatment protocol to lifestyle and work-pressure issues we get patients from all fields and arena at CRAFT. From varied background they all have one dream – A dream of having their own baby – A dream CRAFT has helped couples around the world realize. CRAFT today stands tall with 26000 + babies born at our Centre solving varied causes of Infertility.

I lead a strong medical team comprising of 12 Senior Consultants, 8 Registrars and 9 Embryologists at CRAFT. This team of expert specialists is indeed the crux and backbone of CRAFT and the reason behind CRAFT becoming the primo choice in Infertility Management. To aid them we have the most sophisticated and fully fledged facilities all under one roof at our hospital. Encompassing all the issues and comprehensively enabling treatment for even most severe cases of Infertility, CRAFT has taken a leap forward to ensure happy smiles all around. By ensuring all the advanced departments and facilities such as Reproductive Medicine, Reproductive Surgery, Embryology, Sexology and Andrology, Genetics and PGD and Neo-Natology are made available under one roof, CRAFT sets a new example in the Medical field in the determined effort to offer the best to their clients.

The opening of our centres in India and abroad in a short span of time is a testament to the trust and belief that our patients have bestowed on us. The centres are a one stop convenience for women that ensure that medical expertise is coupled with technology to deliver the best care possible. Investment in the latest technology, regular and continuous upgrading of facilities and equipment, ongoing education and training of our staff, a corporate philosophy of excellence... all work towards one goal: To give our patients the best in the world where technology meets expertise.

Our vision at CRAFT is "To ensure that every man and woman enjoys the right to become a father and mother and experiences the beauty of procreation."

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