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A hospital with 100% non-donor IVF policy

Posted on: 21 April 2020

A hospital with 100% non-donor IVF policy
Delivered a healthy girl and a boy
"To talk about CRAFT Hospital, I've an excellent opinion to share. This place is a safe heaven for those couples who are struggling with Infertility. For those who reach CRAFT without a child after several years of marriage, this hospital restores their hopes lost and have all treatments at their disposal to make those dreams come true. All the doctors, nurses and staff there give you excellent support to your treatment related questions and queries. They also offer great counselling and advice to couples.

I was treated with utmost care. We received the positive news about my pregnancy in less than expected trime-frame. This is also the case with all the couples who come here for treatment. I pray that CRAFT Hospital reach greatest hights by continuing to help all the child-less couples, and for all the child-less couples out there, may your hopes and dreams come true one day."

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