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By implementing state-of-the-art techniques CRAFT hospital has secured pre-eminence in India, in the field of infertility treatment. The insistence on ethical standards throughout the treatment is the characteristic feature of CRAFT. The architects of this achievement are a team of eminent and dedicated doctors and scientists, with the world famous infertility treatment expert, Dr. C. Mohamed Ashraf, as the Medical Director. Accepting the profound responsibility entrusted by the society, on the basis of the lofty achievements, CRAFT is offering the first fertility insurance scheme in India, CRAFT - IVF Suraksha scheme, to provide relief and hope to the couples traumatized by infertility.

What is the purpose of CRAFT - IVF Suraksha scheme?

IVF or In-Vitro-Fertilization is the latest treatment that couples resort to, when the other infertility treatments fail. This is a solution to all types of infertility problems. But most people are reluctant to accept this method these days. Exorbitant expenditure, apprehension about the result, fear about the authenticity of the parentage etc are the main reasons for this. But CRAFT - IVF Suraksha scheme is a solution to all these problems. In short, when you become members of this scheme, by paying Rs. 2,75,000/- you are assured of a series of treatments
including two IVF - ICSI, three to five frozen embryo transfers, blastocyst transfer, assisted hatching and freezing of extra embryos. And thus, for the first time in India, this Fertility Insurance Scheme will refund the Rs. 2,75,000/- to you, if these treatments don’t give positive results.

What are the benefits for the members in this scheme?

The first and foremost benefit is that this scheme is a relief to those patients who have to ignore the lifelong yearning for a baby, because of the unaffordable expenses involved. Getting the refund of the deposited money, in case of failure in the treatment, is a great
blessing indeed. Various studies have established the fact that the anxiety factor often affects the result of the treatment adversely. In this scheme, there absolutely lies no fear of losing the money, if the treatment fails.

This gives an opportunity for the patients to undergo the treatment with out any tension , and to achieve success. It is really advantageous that IVF treatment of international standards is facilitated at economical rate.

How is it possible to keep the expenses so low?

Usually the patient will have to spend about Rs.1,75,000/- for a single IVF - ICSI treatment and the subsequent blastocyst transfer, assisted hatching, freezing of extra embryos and frozen embryo transfer. In other words, when the treatment is done twice, the total expenses will be around Rs. 3,50,000/-. But when a person becomes a member of this scheme, he has to pay only Rs. 2,75,000/- as procedure cost. That means there is a profit of Rs. 75,000/-
straight away.

What is the main apprehension about IVF treatment?

There is a widespread apprehension that donors are often used in IVF treatment. But CRAFT hospital is the only institution that has completely banned donor-based treatment. We don’t resort to this kind of treatment, even if the patient insists on it. The procedure of collecting sperms and eggs is quite transparent at CRAFT.

How can one trust this money-back guarantee?

The inspiration for CRAFT, to come forward with this treatment, is the confidence about its success rate. The national average of success rate in this field is 22%. But for the last three years we have been maintaining the rate between 50% and 75%. And because of the
confidence generated due to this high success rate, we are able to provide such a unique money-back insurance scheme. Our confidence is also reflected by the fact that we haven’t sought the participation of any insurance company for this purpose.

Criteria for membership in CRAFT IVF Suraksha?

  • The couples should subject themselves to the physical fitness tests required for CRAFT - IVF Suraksha scheme. They should pay the fees for the registration, consultation and lab tests required for this.
  • If the results are positive, the patient can pay Rs. 2,75,000/- and become a member of the scheme, and thereupon, the CRAFT Administrative Officer will issue a signed guarantee certificate.
  • The members of this scheme will be eligible for the following tests: a] complete IVF - ICSI treatments, given on two occasions [if necessary], within the period of one to one and a half years. b] Three to five FET treatments, besides blastocyst transfer, assisted laser hatching and vitrification.
  • The extra embryos of the couples under treatment will be frozen and preserved for their own future use.
  • The couples should pay for the medicines, hormone injections, room rent etc. during this period.
  • The scheme does not cover the expenses involved in the treatment of miscarriage, tubal pregnancy etc, possible in the case of the patients, who conceive during the plan period.
  • If the foetus is found to be normal and healthy, in the scanning and other tests conducted eleven weeks after conception, the scheme will come to an end, in the case of the patients concerned.
  • In case the male member is azoospermic, he should be obstructive azoospermic.
  • The decision of the ART consultants at CRAFT will be final and binding in the case of membership.

How can the membership be acquired?

To become member of CRAFT - IVF Suraksha scheme, the person/couple should contact the hospital directly for the details and application form.

For the eligibility to be member of the CRAFT - IVF Suraksha Scheme, the registration, consultation fees have to be paid and the couple has to undergo the necessary physical examination beforehand. In case the results are unsatisfactory, Rs. 2,75,000 has to be paid towards the Procedure Cost and a Guarantee Certificate, undersigned by the CRAFT Administrative Officer, has to be obtained in order to be members of this scheme. The above cost will be exclusive of the expenses such as Medicinal Cost, Hormone Injection Cost and Room Rent.

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Infertility Preventive Camp at Dhanalakshmi Craft fertility center on 17/02/2019, Sunday

Infertility Preventive Camp at Dhanalakshmi Craft fertility center on 17/02/2019, Sunday

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Dr. Noushin Ashraf attain 83% in the part 3 MRCOG examination.

Dr. Noushin Ashraf attain 83% in the part 3 MRCOG examination.

Congratulations to Dr. Noushin Ashraf on passing the part 3 MRCOG examination achieving a score of 83%.

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