Craft Hospital & Research Centre
Centre for Excellence in Infertility Treatment
IUI, IVF, ICSI, Medical Genetics, Andrology and Sexology,
Laproscopic Surgery & Neonatology

Making Dreams Come True

For couples who long for the birth of a baby, CRAFT is a fresh lease of life. It stands apart as a hospital which cares for the couples through the haranguing time they have combating infertility. With high success rates and the genuine parenthood certificate by CRAFT which uses absolutely nil donor sperm/ovum, CRAFT helps couples find real happiness.

Consultation Centres in Middle - East & India

Dr.Ashraf has many consultation centres in Dubai, Doha, Muscat and Chennai.

  • FNB in Reproductive Medicine
  • Fellowship Course in Infertility
  • Fellowship Course in Clinical
  • Embryology
  • Fellowship in High Risk Pregnancy
CRAFT has introduced a number of new
client service initiatives

1. Under the new system Patient MRD number will be send to the Mobile number registered at the desk to facilitate all future reference and interactions at the Hospital.